The cliché of the nerdy kid who doesn't go outside and just plays games is completely untrue. And it's also untrue for the nerdy kid who studies comic books and turns into this genius, and it is also untrue for the nerdy kid who listens to every nerdy thing that Led Zeppelin put out. That kind of obsession in a 16-year-old is not ugly. It's beautiful. That kind of obsession is going to lead to a sophisticated 30-year-old who has a background in that artform.
-Penn Jillette

I am someone who had to be told as a child that no, I couldn't disassemble the family computer. I am someone who was learning to rebuild and overclock their PC in junior high. I am someone who nearly cried when a family friend heard I was building a computer on a budget and gifted me an Intel Core2Quad Q6600. I am someone who triple boots just to know I can do it, who compiles from source because why not, and who thinks an evening spent comparing the performance of different virtualized environments is as fun as going to any bar.

I am an obsessive. Computers have been my life since I was old enough to be trusted with one. In that time I've built several of my own and several more for clients. I find zen in the challenge of troubleshooting and massive joy in finding a solution. When friends ask me for computer help I don't get frustrated at being the local technician, I get excited that I can use my skills to help. When I learned there was more to life than Windows I jumped at the chance to explore a new world called Linux. When I learned there was a class of computers beyond the desktop, I spent days planning resource management between a handful of Virtual Private Servers. When I learned what network topologies were I sprang up and bought enough RAM to host a dozen concurrent networked VMs on my personal desktop. When I learned there were more mobile operating systems than just Android, iOS, and Windows I immediately began looking for a test phone to try Sailfish, Firefox OS, and Ubuntu Touch.

It's a love that extends to all technology. I remember being a toddler and running thrilled down the sidewalk at Cape Canaveral to see a model of the Mars Rover Spirit. I remember being in elementary school and begging my family for a Lego Mindstorms robotics kit for Christmas, and spending the next several months playing with it daily, building new robots and learning to program them. Today I'll read through Elon Musk's Hyperloop proposal with a racing heart, feeling electrified by the science and engineering and just how freaking cool a real evacuated tube rapid transit system would be. I'll wake up at 2AM to watch a space launch and feel crushed if the mission is scrubbed, or gaze at the gimbaling engines in amazement if rocket takes off. I watch Formula 1 religiously after seeing an engineer explain the aerodynamic principles and the technology in the engine, and spend hours learning about applying the Coandă Effect to exhaust gasses and the wireless data systems used to send gigabytes of car telemetry back to the pit lane.

What I'm trying to say is that if I'm offering to work for you, then I'm offering to give you everything I have. All my passion for what I love and what I do can be a resource that I promise you won't find anywhere else.

Let me use my passion to be the best hire you've ever made.