Multi-role server documentation

Organized by week to conform to assignment specifications.

Week 1

Creating the virtual machine in VMWare Server Console

Installing Cent OS 5.11 x86_64

Creating student user accounts with useradd

Installing the Apache web server

Week 3

Restricting access to webserver directories

Week 4

Manually creating the profe account and editing bash shell prompt

Creating virtual hosts in Apache config

Week 5

Granting sudo access to users with sudoers file

Allowing users to host web pages from home directories

Week 6

Installing webmin GUI tool

Installing usermin GUI tool

Installing mkpasswd and documenting use

Installing the rdesktop remote desktop client

Installing the xrdp remote desktop protocol server

Week 7

Installing the java compiler and runtime

Installing the tomcat webserver

Configuring tomcat applications

Week 8

Installing the glassfish webserver

Installing and documenting the dmesg tool

Installing and documenting the utilities in the sysstat package

Installing and configuring the zsh shell for the profe account

Implement concurrent login limitations

Week 9

Installing and running the Lynis security audit utility

Compiling a custom kernel

Installing and running the dhrystone benchmark

Installing and running the lmbench benchmark

Week 10

Installing mySQL, PHP, and WordPress

Adding a hard disk and expanding a logical volume

Partitioning, formating, and mounting new file systems

Implementing user I/O quotas on partitions

Moving the mySQL write directory

Week 11

Installing rsyslog and the Adiscon LogAnalyzer (phplogcon)

Installing and using the Mantis Bug tracking system

Making crontab entries

Week 12

Installing a network printer with CUPS

Install and configure the Bacula backup system

Enable anonymous ftp connections

Configuring email service

Week 13

Creating a samba share

Map samba share to windows PC as a network drive

Install and configure an IRC instant messaging server

Installing a SIP server and a softphone